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The LTB.log

P90X for Traveling Tweeps

As many of you now know, I’ve recently jumped on the P90X bandwagon, inspired largely by Chris Hoff and his band of merry @P90Xtwits. Because I travel almost constantly, I’ve had to adapt my usage of P90X to fit my mobile lifestyle. Along the way I’ve discovered and/or devised a set of tools and techniques that simplify the process, keep me motivated, and significantly increase the efficacy of my workouts. While I could purchase all of my equipment, supplements and miscellany directly from Beachbody, I’ve found it easier to source items locally and via national chains to simplify on-the-road replacement if I forget or run out of something essential.

Travel in 2008

Travel Journal 2008According to Dopplr, I traveled 127/272 days last year (calculated starting in March). My travel coincided most with Simon Leech. I took 24 trips and traveled 31% of the distance to the moon (113,733 km/70,670 miles) with an overall average velocity of 12.97 km/hr (~ the speed of a house mouse). Take that.

CFP Survey, Input Needed!

Attention security conference / convention organizers, speakers, attendees and general @SecurityTwits community at large: I need your input! I’m working on a project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of — and ease participation in — security conference CFPs. “Continue reading” to participate in my very short (4 question) survey! Thanks!

Pen-Testing is Dead, Long Live the Pen Test

Finally got around to uploading and converting my DEFCON 16 presentation with co-presenter Carric, entitled “PenTesting is Dead, Long Live the PenTest!”

Part problem dissection, part solution discussion, part political rant, peppered with a bit of humor and wit.

This talk explores the death and subsequent re-birth of the penetration test. Comprised of conclusions drawn from the collective experiences of two seasoned pen-testers, our talk is filled with facts, fun and rhetoric. We will describe the landscape, the problems, and offer real solutions…

Web Tools for the Road Warrior

Flight into CannesAs much as I’ve traveled this year, I thought it might benefit many of my friends, colleagues and associates to share some of my favorite tips, tools and resources for traveling, whether for business, pleasure or both. In this post, I’ll focus on a few specific web-based tools that have made my travels easier, more organized, and ultimately less stressful. In the near future, I will aim to catalog other tips and techniques that I’ve adopted over the years that further contribute to low-stress travel, and I would encourage and greatly appreciate contributions of any such tips and techniques from any of my readers!

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