The LTB.log by L. Taylor Banks

Web Tools for the Road Warrior

For those less interested in itinerary management, but who are interested in the social networking / travel coordinating component of TripIt, a self-described luddite friend later directed me to Dopplr, another web resource that ignores the finer details of your itinerary and instead focuses simply on where you’ll be, when, and who you know that might also be there. … In point of fact, it’s time for me to run upstairs and pack for my trip to Fort Lauderdale this week (you can find details at Tripit, Dopplr, and WMLive if you also plan to be in the area), so I hope you found at least one of the above resources to be interesting if not useful, and maybe I’ll see you in one of the myriad destinations I have planned for this year and next!

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Travel a lot? Eat for (almost) free!

Traveling a lot generally means eating out a lot, and I’ve managed to hone a few techniques to both reduce my dining expenditures and generate occasional rewards. … The kicker here is that there are several restaurants within major cities that are members of both RewardsNetwork and OpenTable , which means you can get as much as %20 cash back for dining, plus as many as 1,000 points for making a reservation, which essentially translates into %20 of your total bill plus $10 towards future meal purchases.

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