Teaching in Alaska

By Taylor Banks

Northern Lights

I'm off to Anchorage, Alaska tomorrow to teach a VMware VI3 class, and am actually quite giddy about it. Alaska remains one of the few place in the US that I haven't yet visited, but still want to. I emailed Bruce Potter looking for recommendations on things to do in Alaska, and his [summarized] response was: “Drink and eat. seriously.” Seems the food there is outstanding and good venues are plentiful. He specifically suggested several great restaurants and bars, and quite a few natural sights to see as well.

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll manage to see some northern lights while I'm there. Based on my lovely wife's research, it looks like I may have to drive a couple hours north for maximum visibility, but if the conditions are right, it will be well worth the trip.

Look for pictures upon my return…


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Taylor Banks is an entrepreneur who travels full-time in an RV with his wife, Beth, and their dog, Sedona. Taylor's background is in computer, network and information security and privacy, but he now also runs several e-commerce sites and chairs a mastermind group that provides mentorship to other entrepreneurs who want to achieve location and financial independence with passive income provided by lifestyle businesses.

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