Rest in Peace, Beloved Cain

By Taylor Banks

Cain from jekylisland_2007-07-22_14-55-58

On Saturday, September 15, 2007, Beth and I had to make the extremely difficult decision to euthanize our beloved dog, Cain, whose cancer had finally taken the wag from her tail. She had fought, lived and loved, against all odds, for over a year.

Cain the squirrel

At times she believed she was a lion, though she more closely resembled a fox. Other times, she pranced like a gazelle, leaping and galloping through her house and her yard, always in pursuit of a playful squirrel and ready at a moment's notice for a ride in the car, regardless of the destination. She loved animals and people alike, and although shy, never took more than a few moments to welcome someone into her home, and only shortly thereafter, into her family.

Cain is survived by her step-siblings, Hamilton and Sedona, her mommy and daddy (Beth and I) and our respective families, and her first parents, David and Andrea, who delivered her into our home, our hearts, and our lives just 8 years ago.

Cain from jekylisland_2007-07-22_11-07-25

Cain lived just over 11 years (born during Hurricane Fran, ~09/1996), and loved and was loved by everyone who met her. She was a beautiful dog with a beautiful personality, and she will live on in our hearts forever.

Rest in Peace, Beloved Cain. We'll miss you.

Cain from jekylisland_2007-07-22_11-05-19Cain sneaks on the bedCain from jekylisland_2007-07-22_14-21-06


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Taylor Banks is an entrepreneur who travels full-time in an RV with his wife, Beth, and their dog, Sedona. Taylor's background is in computer, network and information security and privacy, but he now also runs several e-commerce sites and chairs a mastermind group that provides mentorship to other entrepreneurs who want to achieve location and financial independence with passive income provided by lifestyle businesses.

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Adam Bregenzer

Sorry about your loss. She was a sweet puppy. I love that beach picture!


Thanks, Adam. She certainly was a sweet puppy, and it was very hard to let her go, though unfortunately it was time. She’ll definitely be missed.


I love how she used to sit up on her hind legs and look out the front window. She thought she was a furry person.


Toutes mes Condoléances. Ainsi va la Vie.


Sorry about Cain. We (me and Nippur, my cat) are reading your blog form Buenos Aires, Argentina and Nippur wishes that you and Beth find a new puppy soon.
Saludos amigos.


Thank you Lahoussine, Gerard and Nippur! Your kind words truly mean a lot to us. (It’s also quite nice to know that Cain’s legacy spans continents!)

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