12-Step Botnet Recovery Program

Believe that a power greater than yourself exists and is necessary to identify and eliminate malware, botnets, and the Windows hosts that contain them…. Seek through prayer, meditation and continuing malware research to improve your understanding of the growing malware threat as we know it.

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Ubuntu on the MacBook Pro: Physical, Virtual, or Both?!

Ubuntu instead of, and in addition to, Mac OS X on a MacBook ProWhen I first bought my MacBook Pro, I bought it with the intention of dual-booting into Ubuntu to run VMware Server so that I could run VMware ESX inside of a virtual Machine. Shortly thereafter, VMware Fusion was released, rendering my original intent academic.

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VMware Virtual Infrastructure on a MacBook Pro: Part I

Beginning next week KnowThreat will be offering VMware VI3 Training, on behalf of VMware, Inc. To celebrate the announcement, I thought I’d post this quick walkthrough detailing my process for building an installing a full VMware Virtual Infrastructure environment using ESX 3 and VC 2 within virtual machines in VMware Fusion Beta on Mac OS X 10.4.10…. Further, with VMware Fusion’s new “Unity” feature, I can run the VI Client alongside all of my other OS X applications as if it were natively built for the Mac!

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