Ubuntu on the MacBook Pro: Physical, Virtual, or Both?!

Ubuntu instead of, and in addition to, Mac OS X on a MacBook ProWhen I first bought my MacBook Pro, I bought it with the intention of dual-booting into Ubuntu to run VMware Server so that I could run VMware ESX inside of a virtual Machine. Shortly thereafter, VMware Fusion was released, rendering my original intent academic.

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VMware Virtual Infrastructure on a MacBook Pro: Part I

Beginning next week KnowThreat will be offering VMware VI3 Training, on behalf of VMware, Inc. To celebrate the announcement, I thought I’d post this quick walkthrough detailing my process for building an installing a full VMware Virtual Infrastructure environment using ESX 3 and VC 2 within virtual machines in VMware Fusion Beta on Mac OS X 10.4.10…. Further, with VMware Fusion’s new “Unity” feature, I can run the VI Client alongside all of my other OS X applications as if it were natively built for the Mac!

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