Travel a lot? Eat for (almost) free!

Traveling a lot generally means eating out a lot, and I’ve managed to hone a few techniques to both reduce my dining expenditures and generate occasional rewards. … The kicker here is that there are several restaurants within major cities that are members of both RewardsNetwork and OpenTable , which means you can get as much as %20 cash back for dining, plus as many as 1,000 points for making a reservation, which essentially translates into %20 of your total bill plus $10 towards future meal purchases.

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ShmooCon: Bad Guys Gone Good?

I generally attend no less than 3 security conferences each year (though there are ~5 on my wishlist), and Shmoo has steadfastly claimed one of those spots, alongside Black Hat / Defcon and RSA.I’ve been going to technology and security conferences since about 1990, and while I truly miss the biannual Comdex in Atlanta, ShmooCon has quickly become one of my favorite to attend…. While the Shmoo Group describe themselves as: “a non-profit think-tank comprised of security professionals from around the world who donate their free time and energy to information security research and development,”their work on notable security projects such as AirSnort and Rainbow Tables has demonstrated their knack for developing tools that appeal to the “Ambiguously Off-White Hat” segment of the professional information security community otherwise known as “hackers.”

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